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                                                 Collected Series No. 1
S.A. Gay Plays 1q

the Artscape Dublin Festival plays

compiled by
Robin Malan
§          There are five plays included, all of which have won either Awards or Nominations at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival between 2006 and 2010.
§          This is the first anthology of plays in The Collected Series, and so the start of a valuable library of new South African plays.
§          Junkets Publisher was the winner of the Arts & Culture Trust Excellence Award for Literature in 2009.

 The following plays are included:
§          Ashraf Johaardien: Happy Endings are Extra
        At the Dublin Festival 2006
        Award: Micheál Mac Liammóir Award for Best Actress:
        Deidre Wolhuter
§          Juliet Jenkin: The Boy Who Fell from the Roof
At the Dublin Festival 2007
Award: Micheál Mac Liammóir Award for Best Actress: Alex
        Halligey; Nominations: Best Playwright: Juliet Jenkin Best 
        Director: Roy Sargeant
§          Pieter Jacobs: Dalliances
        At the Dublin Festival 2008
        Awards: Best Director and Design Award: Matthew Wild and            
        Angela Nemov Special Award: Artscape New Writing  
        Programme and Roy Sargeant; Nominations: for Best
        Actress: Daneel van der Walt for Best Playwright: Pieter    
§          Fiona Coyne: Careful
        At the Dublin Festival 2009
        Award: Micheál Mac Liammóir Award for Best Actress: Diane   
        Wilson; Nomination: for Best Playwright: Fiona Coyne
§          Gideon van Eeden: Myth of Andrew & Jo
        At the Dublin Festival 2010
        Award: Micheál Mac Liammóir Award for Best Actress:  
        Daneel van der Walt; Nominations: for Best Supporting   
        Actress: Deborah Vieyra for Best Playwright: Gideon van    

Publication date
14 July 2011

Price R250.00

ISBN 978-0-9869875-7-1

Paperback perfect bound
137 x 210 mm
300 pages

Age Range
Young Adults & Adults

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Collected Series No. 6
S.A. Gay Plays 2q
an anthology of plays 1994–2013
compiled by
Robin Malan
§   Robin Malan is a well-known compiler and editor, with a number of successful titles in his career.
§   There are five plays included, ranging from one of the earliest post-1994 gay plays to an up-to-the-minute new play penned in 2013 by a first-time playwright.
§   This is the sixth anthology of plays in The Collected Series, which has now proved its worth as a valuable library of new South African plays.
§   The collection offers a range of the different kinds of gay issues interrogated on South African stages since 1994.
About This Book
 The following plays are included:
§   Robert Colman: Your Loving Simon
This play venerates the political and gay-rights activist Simon Nkoli, who was one of the Delmas Traillists. As such, his influence was strong in having the new Constitution of 1996 outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.
§   Peter Krummeck: iVirgin Boy
A young Matric boy celebrates his good marks by ‘borrowing’ his mother’s car for a ‘night out’. He ends up in a police holding cell for the night, with scary consequences.
§   Amy Jephta: Other People’s Lives
How safe are we as homosexual people, and how much do we matter to the people around us whom we never really get to know?
§   Nicholas Spagnoletti: Special Thanks to Guests from Afar
Old pals Thabisa and Luke meet up at a friend’s wedding in Germany – with the brother of the groom proving to be a catalyst of some barely repressed emotions.
§   Pfarelo N.: Chomi
Young black professional Jozi dudes interact within their own hermetically sealed gay world: do they have any good reason to question their situation – or themselves?
The Compiler
Robin Malan has spent most of his working life in education and theatre. After a decade as artistic director of a theatre-in-education company, he was Assistant Head for fifteen years at Waterford Kamhlaba United Wold College in Swaziland. He has written a number of novels for young people, including Rebel Angel, The Story of Lucky Simelane, The Sound of New Wings, and his most recent gay teen novel My ‘Funny’ Brother, which was named one of the Books of the Year 2012 by Bookchat. He was the Series Editor of The Siyagruva Series of novels for teens. He writes a regular Young Gay Guys column in Exit newspaper. Together with Ashraf Johaardien, he co-compiled Yes, I am! writing by South African gay men, a collection of short pieces in various genres, in 2010. In 2011 Junkets Publisher brought out The Young Gay Guys Guide to Safer Gay Sex (text Robin Malan, drawings Roberto Millan, book design Marius Roux).

Publication date
20 March 2013

Price R250.00

ISBN 978-0-9870182-2-9

Paperback perfect bound
137 x 210 mm
300 pages

Age Range
Young Adults & Adults



Collected series No. 2 and 3

Short, Sharp & Snappy: Southern African plays for high schools 1 and 2


Short, Sharp & Snappy 1 and 2 are two volumes of Southern African plays for high schools, published simultaneously by Junkets Publisher.

‘Plays are there to be performed.’ These are the first words in the book, and they spell out the intention, the promise and the fulfilment of this collection of 13 new plays. They should be played by young people in high schools in Southern Africa.

The themes, the styles, the plays are often raw, gritty, even uncomfortable. Whether worked through in fierce realism, or played out in jaunty comedy, or handled through images more abstract and symbolic, these are plays for young actors to get their teeth into, and – above all else – find the reality, the truthfulness, of these scattered shards of life lived at this time in this place.
The playwrights range from experienced writers for the stage to those for whom this is their first play; in age they range from 16 to 76; they come from a wide spread of places in Southern Africa, from Kwekwe to Simon’s Town and from Olievenhoutbosch to Schoenmakerskop.

This is a brilliant idea and something needed by us at school.a teacher in Cape Town

… perfect material for everyone involved in drama, theatre arts and performing arts in high schools, universities teacher-training institutions and libraries. … the kind of plays drama teachers and the students have been waiting for.’ – Independent Education, May 2012

1 December 2011
ISBN no.1: 978-0-9869875-9-5
ISBN no.2: 978-0-9870182-1-2
200 pages 210 x 137 mm
Price: R250 each


'Now I am alone' 1 & 2   


S.A. Monologues F&M 16+


Compiled by Robin Malan, Diana Wilson and David Fick

Features of the books:
  • Each volume contains 15 monologues for female performers and 15 monologues for male performers. That's 30 monologues in each volume; 60 monologues in all.
  • These monologues are all Southern African in character; authors are all from Southern Africa.
  • The range of monologues covers all social and ethnic diversities.
  • The material is suitable for young-adult performers from about 16 upwards; the monologues are not useful for early-teens or children.
  •  The monologues will be invaluable for students doing examination pieces; for solo performance; for entry into university drama departments and drama schools; and for auditioning for theatre groups and companies.
The authors:
  • In the two volumes you will find experienced theatre names such as Greig Coetzee, Juliet Jenkin, Zakes Mda, Mike van Graan, Nicholas Spagnoletti, Geraldine Aron, Andrew Buckland, Omphile Molusi, Paul Slabolepszy, Brett Bailey, Fiona Coyne, Reza de Wet, Sue Pam-Grant, Sibusiso Mamba, Craig Higginson, Karen Jeynes, Ingrid Wylde, Rosemund Handler, Pieter Jacobs, Malika Ndlovu, Ashraf Johaardien, Heinrich Reisenhofer, Motshabi Tyelele, Gideon van Eeden, Jonathan Nkala

  • Also, new and emerging writers such as Lauren Bates, Rob K Baum, Suenel Holloway, Ongezwa Mbele, Jonathan Orton, Elaine Davie, M Cassiem D'arcy, Jon Keevy, Caitlin Macleod, Reneé Muller, Phillip M Dikotla, Pfarelo N., Vanessa Bower, Masitha Hoeane, Kei Janse van Rensburg
 The range of issues handled in the monologues is wide; the styles are varied; the mood and tone are contrasting; the opportunities to display interpretative acting skills are abundant.  

Each monologue is given a four page spread:
  • Page 1 gives details of the monologue and the play it is drawn from
  • Page 2 gives some information about the character, the context of the monologue, and offers some pointers that might be useful to the performer.
  • Page 3 & 4 give the monologue, set with wide margins to allow for annotations.
  • The three compilers wrote the support material – their initials appear below their contributions.
Clearly, these two volumes will prove valuable to everyone involved in drama, theatre arts and performing arts in all high schools, tertiary drama departments, teacher-training institutions and theatre companies. Schools libraries, university libraries and public libraries will be very interested to acquire them


‘This is a lovely initiative to further advance South African theatre and playwrights.

Ismail Mahomed, Artistic Director, National Arts Festival

I am so glad you are doing this.

Alison Green, Drama Teacher, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

I love the fact that young actors will be able to tackle these monologues – very exciting!

Paul Slabolepszy, playwright

30 January 2014

ISBN no.1: 978-0-9921791-5-1

ISBN no.2: 978-0-9921791-6-8

Soft cover perfect bound 128 pages 210 x 137 mm

Age Range
16+ Teens,Young Adults & Adults
Price: R210 each  


Collected Series No. 4
The Magnet Theatre ‘Migration’ Plays

compiled by
Jennie Reznek, Mark Fleishman,
Faniswa Yisa and Frances Marek 

§          Magnet Theatre is a long-standing, award-winning South African physical theatre company that has been operating in and out of South Africa for the past 25 years.
§          In March 2010, they received a special award from the Fleur du Cap for Innovation in Theatre.
§          This is the fourth anthology of plays in The Collected Series, and so part of a valuable library of new South African plays.
§          Junkets Publisher was the winner of the Arts & Culture Trust Excellence Award for Literature in 2009.

About This Book
Magnet’s Migration Project involved three separate interventions that used performance to explore the theme of migration and the experience of being between and on the move that characterises life for many people in Cape Town today. The project operated along three specific routes that are simultaneously conceptual and actual.

The following plays are included:

Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking 
(in French and English, with English translations and stage directions)
The first is the mythical idea of the great road from Cairo to the Cape that traverses the entire continent and is now bringing increasing numbers of migrants and refugees from other African countries to Cape Town. This new route introduces a whole new set of challenges to our young democracy and its relationship to the broader continent.

ingcwaba lendoda lise cankwe ndlela
(in isiXhosa, with English translations and stage directions)
The second route is the N2 highway up the East coast of South Africa that links Cape Town and the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape, the traditional home of the amaXhosa.

Die Vreemdeling
(in Afrikaans, with English translations and stage directions)
The third route is the N7 highway up the West coast of South Africa that links Cape Town in the Western Cape (one of the most developed and economically vibrant areas of the country) with the Northern Cape on the border with Namibia (one of the most undeveloped and economically depressed areas of the country).

Inxeba Lomphilisi
(in isiXhosa, with English translations and stage directions)
For years Xhosa people have migrated to Cape Town along the N2 route and in recent years a flood of new arrivals has poured into the townships surrounding Cape Town, setting up informal settlements and increasing the burden on an already stretched local government infrastructure struggling to cope with the inequalities and backlogs brought about by the apartheid system.

The Compilers
 Jennie Reznek, Mark Fleishman, Faniswa Yisa and Frances Marek  
In 1987 Mark and Jennie, together with Mandla Mbothwe, founded Magnet Theatre. Mark is a director and designer, and also the Head of the Drama Department at the University of Cape Town. Jennie and Faniswa have performed in a number of Magnet productions, both of them winning awards for their roles in these plays. Frances has joined Magnet more recently, and works as an actor and assistant director.

Publication date
01 March 2012

Price R250.00

ISBN 978-0-9870182-0-5

Paperback perfect bound
137 x 210 mm
188 pages

Age Range
Young Adults & Adults

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Collected Series No. 5

SA Shorts

quickies for a microwave generation
the UJ Arts & Culture collection
§   There are six plays included,
§   This is the fifth anthology of plays in The Collected Series, and so Junkets Publisher is well into building a valuable library of new South African plays.
§   Junkets Publisher was the winner of the Arts & Culture Trust Excellence Award for Literature in 2009.
§   Ashraf Johaardien, Head of UJ Arts & Culture, has been honoured as a Legend in the arts industry for his contribution to the development of student theatre and arts administration.
§   The plays are well suited to performance by university students, whether they are specifically studying drama or simply have an interest in student theatre.
§   A range of styles and forms is covered by these plays.
About This Book
§   The following plays are included:
Anthony Akerman: Losing the plot
Rob K Baum: The opening
Zanandi Botes: Metaphorically speaking
Tristan Jacobs: DANCEtheDANCE
Rhea MacCallum: Kill me, please
Renos Nicos Spanoudes & Alby Michaels: The wave
§   The collection is introduced by Ashraf Johaardien, Head of UJ Arts & Culture.
§   There is a note by the Director of the pieces at UJ, Alby Michaels.
§   Biographical notes are given of the director, the assistant director, the designer, and the six playwrights. The plays were performed as part of the student drama section of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July 2012.
 The Compilers
A collective of the staff of UJ Arts & Culture collaborated in selecting the plays

Publication date
22 May 2012

Price R210.00

ISBN 978-0-9870182-8-1

Paperback perfect bound
210 x 137 mm
114 pages

Age Range
Young Adults & Adults

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African Folktales Onstage! 1 & 2


plays for pre-teens


compiled by

Fatima Dike, André Lemmer,

Robin Malan and Omphile Molusi


       Selling Points


§   A two-volume collection of stage adaptations of folktales.

§   There are 24 plays included, 12 per volume, by a range of playwrights from well-established to new and emerging voices.

§   Included in the collection are plays by Janice Honeyman, André Lemmer, Ingrid Wylde, Jonathan Orton, Dorothy Kowen, M Andries Phukuntsi, Letlhogonolo Riba, Suenel Holloway, Stephen Marcus Finn, Vanessa Bower, M Cassiem D’arcy, Rosemund Handler, Vincent Meyburgh and the Jungle Theatre Company, Chris Mlalazi, Omphile Molusi, and Jenny Hatton.  

§   These are the seventh and eighth anthologies of plays in The Collected Series, which has now proved its worth as a valuable library of new South African plays.

§   The two-volume collection will find favour with school and university drama libraries, as well as public libraries.



         The Compilers


All four compilers are experienced practising playwrights:


Fatima Dike has published The Return with Junkets; she is the Director of the Siyasanga Cape Town Theatre Company.

André Lemmer had Playing in the Park included in the Short, Sharp & Snappy Junkets collections. 

Robin Malan has published The boy who walked into the world and Lord Hamlet aka iHamlet with Junkets.  

Omphile Molusi published Itsoseng with Junkets and Oxford University Press, & Cadre with Junkets and Oberon Books in London.

Publication date
29 January 2015
Price R 250.00 per volume
ISBN 978-0-9922154-3-9
ISBN 978-0-9922154-4-6
Paperback perfect bound
137 x 210 mm
210 /212 pages
Age Range: Children & Young Adults (as performers)